University Of Illinois - The Location Of The University Of Illinois Digital Video And Film Production Studios

 Students, faculty, staff and alumni of the University of Illinois can reserve a Video Production Studios at the Media Commons located at the Urbana campus. The Media Commons Studio is equipped with all the basic facilities required by a video production studio - a green screen, a large screen with multiple projectors and a lighting crew. The Media Commons Studio is a perfect place for students looking to develop short films and documentaries and professional film makers looking for a convenient, low cost alternative to large scale facilities. 

The Media Commons Studio has a huge array of props such as lighting equipment, boom stands, desks, editing equipment, lighting supplies and even sound equipment. It also features a complete set of digital motion graphics, including a full set of motion graphics elements such as 3D models, lighting effects, sound effects and visual FX. This studio was designed to make the process of working in a video production studio fast, easy, effective, affordable and fun. Students and alumni who wish to produce short films and documentaries and create professional films can now do so without the assistance of an expensive film producer, editor or director. For more facts about video production, visit this website at 

The Media Commons Studio has been designed for the maximum convenience of the user by providing all the necessary tools to work with. It consists of a fully equipped Green Screen, an editing room with multiple projectors, an audio room, a lighting room, a set of digital motion graphics and lighting fixtures. In the sound room you can listen to music while you record your audio or video and in the lighting room, you can see the finished product. The Media Commons Studio also has a set of large flat screen TVs for use by both student and professional filmmakers. 

All the Digital Video and Lighting Equipment, including the LCD monitors, Digital Video Projectors and the LCD projectors can be used by the student or graduate in any course they take or in any job that requires them to have the required equipment. The cost of renting all the equipment in this studio is also very reasonable. The cost of hiring these professionals is not included in the rental fee which is charged. Be sure to click for more info! 

If you are a graduate or if you are a student looking to pursue a career in digital video production, the University of Illinois has a good reputation for providing excellent courses that will help you gain the knowledge and skills required to get your own digital video production studio. The College of Media Arts and Sciences at the University is a great place to attend if you want to start a career in this field. This college will provide you with a good grounding in audio visual arts and you will be taught all the tools and techniques of a professional video production studio. You will be taught the art of editing, color grading, film editing and other basic video editing techniques. They offer a certificate program that will prepare you for a job in the film industry that you can apply right from the start of your education. 

There are more people who wish to go straight into this line of work without having to have any previous experience but a degree in digital video production studio is not required. The University of Illinois is a great place to start your career as an aspiring video producer and if you do not have a degree it is still a good place to get started as many of the professionals are well qualified and experienced.